Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nori's Saimin

Palm Trees with Lights - Hilo  2012

Interesting Japanese restaurant in Hilo. To quote from a Yelp review

The food is pretty standard in quality and taste for a  Hilo restaurant. This is not a put down.  There just aren't amazing restaurants in Hilo.  That being said the food is good but nothing to get too excited over.

Its kind of an odd location lending to its customer base being primarily Hilo dweller's.  It is across from the bowling alley in a parking lot next to Bamboo garden.  There is no sign street side leaving it lesser known to the passer by.  Even if you find your way into the parking lot their signage is small and obstructed by a stairway leading down into the restaurant. 

The Atmosphere is pretty typical to the area.  Its just out of downtown so its kind of town-y with hints of ruralism.  Its not the Ritz but definitely short of ghetto-fab.  Sometimes, It smells like piss right before where the counter is.  I have no idea why. Only sometimes it smells but most times it doesn't.  I have seen a roach once and killed it.  I was then awarded a free meal.  Its a restaurant in Hilo,  It happens,  they gave me free food for killing the roach, fair enough.

No free food for us, luckily.

Also, lots of Hello Kitty items at a little auxiliary store next door.

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