Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hi Dive Follow-Up

Hi Dive Open - San Francisco  2012

Hi Dive Interior - San Francisco  2012

Yes, there was a prior post concerning the Hi Dive.

Mike decided that it was imperative that he actually have the full Hi Dive Experience. So he talked his luncheon companions into walking the short distance from the Ferry Building, underneath the Bay Bridge, to the Hi Dive.

It was open! Yes, kind of a dive, but a nice kind of dive. A Hi Dive.

Mike had a hamburger, fries and a beer. It was good! Unfortunately, he was then on day number one of what proved to be a weeks-long cold, so his taste buds might have been a little off. It would seem that a return trip is needed.


Diane said...

Wow, what time did you go? Looks like a ghost town. haha! All the tables were full when we arrived.

Mike Mundy said...

Yeah . . . we arrived right at opening time so we were almost the first ones there.