Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ebbetts Pass Drive #1: Boulders & Manzanita

Boulders - Calaveras County  2011

Manzanita - Calaveras County  2011

Starting early, Mike drove east from Arnold on highway 4. Although not as spectacular as either the Sonora or Tioga Pass roads, the Ebbets Pass route is still very scenic, with some nice boulder and manzanita areas.


Diane said...

Heading out to San Fran during the holidays to see my family. Should be fun. I'll have a couple days on my own, so I'm perusing your blog (especially the San Fran entries) for ideas on how to spend my time. Thinking the Academy of Sciences & de Young could make for a good time. Thoughts?

Mike Mundy said...

Great spots!

Also, maybe Baker Beach?

And of course the area around Pacifica.

Mike Mundy said...