Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito Repellent, Marin County 2011

As we prepared to head north on the Pacific Crest Trail, word came to us from multiple, unimpeachable sources that the mosquitoes were really bad in the high country. All of these reports brought on a severe case of Mosquito Paranoia, resulting in our last minute purchasing of way more repellent than we could have possibly used.


Diane said...

Ugh! Ever since we had hurricane Irene & tropical storm Lee pass through here, the mosquitos have been really terrible here too! I don't really even remember a single one up until that point. Last night we had to end a conversation short with a neighbor, as we were being eaten alive in just a couple minutes. We went to Walmart to buy some repellent, but they told us some guy in California bought every last bottle, tube, drops, roll-on, and spray in the US. ;-))

Mike Mundy said...

And the ironic thing was, the flies were much worse than the mosquitoes! And mosquito stuff doesn't work on flies.

Diane said...

Black flies or the regular variety? Black flies are brutal. Their bites are much worse than mosquitos, take longer to heal and often leave a scar.

Mike Mundy said...

They were biting the horses, but not the humans.

However, it turns out that the psychological impact of hundreds of flies constantly buzzing around your head, even non-biting flies, is a significant one.