Friday, September 30, 2011


Evening Alpenglow, Yosemite  2011

After the helicopter left for parts unknown, Mike hiked up to join Mark and his mules for the night. Since Hali and Mike were the only ones on this trip there was no barrier to a return to Tuolumne Meadows the next day. Mark sauteed some chicken breasts for dinner while Mike tried to bring some order into the various duffels and camping equipment that had been utilized during the medevac.

And while he was doing his chores he couldn't help but notice the clouds and the last rays of sunlight hitting some distant peaks. He got out the Nikon D90 for its only use in the high country.

Mike decided not to set up the somewhat complicated Big Agnes tent and slept on the ground. During the night the mules who had been led across the creek to graze decided to come back over and started to clomp around the campsite. However, none of them ever actually stepped on Mike.

Came mighty close, though.

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