Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gargle Dispenser

Gargle Dispenser, Los Angeles  2011

Happy Tooth, Los Angeles  2011

Olympic Boulevard sightems. We met for dinner at a Korean restaurant with Linda and Erica, where the Gargle Dispenser was spotted by Mike in the mens' room. (There was one for the ladies as well.)

Alas, Mike didn't try to use the Gargle Dispenser: he was a little disconcerted by the iPhone's flash going off.

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Mike Mundy said...

Yikes! Mike will be off the grid for a while, so comment posting may be delayed.

Diane said...

Hmmmm.....maybe they cook with a lot of garlic and want your breath to be freshy-fresh when departing? This dispenser is equipt with revolutionary technology- see here:

Not many places in the US have this technology! California is so progressive.....and amazingly fresh!

Hope you're not "off the grid" to long. Computer meltdown??

Diane said...

My guess about the garlic seems to be correct as this post by another blogger has suggested-

Mike Mundy said...

Thanks for the research!

(Mike is off on a little backcountry venture.)

Diane said...

Ooooh, have fun!