Sunday, August 7, 2011

Awnings & Flowers

Awnings & Flowers, Marin County  2011

Taken in one of Mike's many idle moments at the San Anselmo Art & Wine show.

Maybe when Mike upgrades his current Photoshop he will be able to take out the drip irrigation tubing without incurring the tedium that is the clone tool.


Carl said...

Gosh, I think the tubing makes the shot!

Mike Mundy said...

I'll immediately bow to Carl's esthetic judgement.

No tubing removal for me!

judit said...

I've been thinking about this for days; I like the tubing and the lines and contrast it provides. And does it bring a little look of New Orleans ironwork to the photo? Perhaps.

Mike Mundy said...

. . . and perhaps not.

Note that the flowers in the photo reappeared in Tableau.