Saturday, June 4, 2011

Using The iPhone as a Netbook

Things you will need: a proppy-up thing for the iPhone. (I use an iCarpus) and an Apple wireless keyboard. And maybe something like Evernote for the actual post.

You wouldn't want to write your novel using this setup (although, come to think of it, maybe you would) but for short-form stuff, blog posts and such-like, it's fine.

Photo: Starbucks' Table—San Francisco, 2011


judit said...

You're on iPhone fire!

By the way, I like the small format pics, such as this one, too. And, is the banner off center intentionally?

Mike Mundy said...

BTW, current banner pix taken with an iPhone. Just sayin'.

Banner: needs a little work. However, check out the centering instructions here.

judit said...

Yowzaaaa! I checked out the instructions and thought, this is crazy stuff.

Take your time. As Jerry G. used to sing, "All good things in all good time."