Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Official Record of the Working Pictures/Mikereport Blog Design Correspondence

Mike has been fussing with his blog’s design for quite some time, as is evident from the number of querulous queries he posted to Carl Weese’s idiosyncratic Working Pictures blog over the last few months.



Mike Mundy said...


So how did you get your photos to suddenly appear bigger? Fiddle with the innards of Blogger?

Looks cool.

Carl said...


Don't need to get to the innards. The larger front page picture is enabled by the latest version of the Blogger software. Just upgrade and rummage around in the Design tab. Possible size depends partly on which template you choose.


Martina said...

Today it's Dec 21st - days will be getting longer from now on. :-)

Dennis Allshouse said...

not necessarily warmer.

Mike Mundy said...

. . . and not to be totally off-topic, but it seems like I'd have to switch to a new template in Blogger in order to get bigger pix.

Yikes! I thought that my template would be for Forever!

Carl said...

Martina, yes, looking forward to that.

Dennis, 20°F this morning, colder than yesterday.

Mike, the template switch is quite painless, shouldn't take more than an hour or so to do it on a practice blog, find settings you like, then apply them to your main blog.


Mike Mundy said...

I continue to be impressed by the quality of your photos on the front page. Do you have to resize them in any particular way? My photos (using a Blogger old-style template) , before enlarging, are decidedly fuzzy.

Carl said...

Mike, I'm using a new-style template, and set the front-page pictures to "x-large". The file I upload is sized 1000 pixels wide (or 800 pixels tall for verticals) and saved as a level 8 JPEG. Since Blogger is resizing for the front page, the initial size of the uploaded file *could* make a difference, but I don't know what Blogger is actually doing under the hood.

Carl said...

Mike, I took a quick look at your blog (will go back for a better look later) and I think you need to update to the current software/templates to fix the issue. It's really not a big deal. A couple days ago I had to update my wife's blog, which we've only used to announce her exhibits and was still on the old software. Updating the software, specifying a template, customizing the "width" settings to accommodate the x-large front page picture presentation all took less than half an hour. I just used the same template as my blogs, so that's cheating a bit, but still I don't think you'll need an hour to cross your blog over starting from scratch.

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Mike Mundy said...

Also of some interest was the fact that just as Mike changed his blog, all of Blogger lost great areas of functionality for a number of days.

Mighty suspicious.