Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Fainting Couch

"This antique store on Ponce is a very odd place. I felt like an intruder inside someone's crowded attic, sifting through old photos and dusty furniture. The shop is cluttered with hand mirrors, old-fashioned phones, pictures of Marilyn Monroe, feathered hats - a variety of bizzarre merchandise. This is by far the most eccentric furniture store I have ever step foot inside of. My roommate and I stopped in here during our quest to furnish our apartment. I wound up with an interesting painting for only $25 (believe me, it looks like it's worth more). The old man who owns the shop is friendly and willing to bargain. Keep in mind the store is small and easy to pass by. I recommend it to those with a taste for unusual, old things. The Fainting Couch is certainly unlike anything at IKEA."


Photo: The Fainting Couch—Atlanta, 2010

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