Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Muir Woods

Mike and Hali visited Muir Woods in late July. For some reason they had never been there before.

The redwoods were nice but somehow not as imposing as other old-growth forests seen in Del Norte and Humboldt Counties. The main drawback, alas: lots of people . . . the trail became downright crowded at times! Please note that there are other, much less populated redwood areas in Marin County.

For photographs: park opens at 8 AM. Plan to be there, if not exactly at 8, then between 8 & 9. Thank goodness there was a seasonal overcast in the AM . . . otherwise the sun coming through the trees creates way too much contrast. One of the nice things for pix is that the main trail loops back on a higher level than the forest floor, to allow for straight-on shots of the trees.

For these shots, no tripod was used. Note, however that the auto ISO feature of the Nikon D90 took the horizontal shot at ISO 1250.

Photos: Redwoods—Marin County, 2010; Redwoods—Marin County, 2010


chrisbear said...

Love the first photo, it's hard to capture the grandeur of the redwoods and that comes as close it comes.

The winter crowds are not so bad and the low morning light seems to hit everything along the creek just right. One of my favorites.

Mike Mundy said...


I am definitely going back during the winter. I think . . . some pix, then a pastry at the snack shop. Sounds like a plan!