Sunday, August 22, 2010


On a recent Monday afternoon Hali and Mike were dismayed to find out that their favorite camping spots (Minaret Falls and adjacent sites) were filled-up! (First-come, first-served policy. Be there by 10:30 in the morning next time, the ranger advised.)

Therefore, a scramble to find a spot. One found at Coldwater Campground in the Lake Mary area: not an ideal setup (not enough shade) but located well within hearing range of Coldwater Creek. And, access to numerous trailheads, as well.

Photos: Coldwater Creek—Sierra Nevada, 2010; Coldwater Creek—Sierra Nevada, 2010


judit said...

I keep thinking how chaotic the black and white pic looks, and that if it were in color everything would be set right by how our brains use color into a somewhat ordered fashion.

Mike Mundy said...

--I prefer the term "dynamic" over "chaotic."

--Perhaps if it had not been juxtaposed with a color photo it might not have looked so chaotic . . . ? Interesting issues.