Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mt. Goode

After our arrival at camp there was still plenty of daylight left. Joe scanned the topo map and conceived of a plan to climb Mt. Goode (13,085 elevation) that afternoon, which plan he immediately put into practice.

Alas, both his energy level and climbing skills were far higher than mine: I watched from afar as his minute figure reached the summit and studied the view down the canyon created by Bishop Creek.

Photos: Mt. Goode—Sierra Nevada, 1974; Joe on Mt. Goode—Sierra Nevada, 1974


Diane said...

Wow! The second shot is impressive. Wish he wasn't standing sooo close to the edge tho. ;-))

Mike Mundy said...

Typical of the Joe Style: edgy.


Pat said...

He would love to be on your BLOG in such an impressive stance. What lake is below?

Mike Mundy said...

I think . . . maybe . . . Saddlerock Lake(?) Yes. Let's say it is.

judit said...

Just right.