Thursday, February 4, 2010

. . . from the archives #56: Cemetery—Pacific Grove, 1987

Taken with a Tachihara 4x5 camera fitted with a roll film adapter. I was constantly accusing the camera of causing light leaks, only to find out (much later) that it was actually the 4x5 sheet film holders that were the culprits. The roll film adapter alleviated the problem considerably.

I think that I was in the Monterey area to attend a photo workshop led by Rod Dresser, but I might have my dates wrong. I know that this was my second attempt at photographing the cemetery. (The first attempt was with a twin-lens reflex.)

Photo: Cemetery—Pacific Grove, 1987


Diane said...

Interesting photo. I really like the way the drama of the ghostly trees and their trunks capture your attention first, then as you continue to explore the photo your eye notices the tombstones.

I also love your banner photo of Disney Hall!!

Mike Mundy said...


I should also point the way to Rod Dresser's website.

I visited the cemetery a few days ago; I couldn't quite see where I had been standing for this shot. And, there was no fog, which is required.