Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Boats—Monterey Bay

Always of interest is the fact that the best shot of the trip very often is unplanned. (Mike has called this phenomenon "the Zen of Photography.")

Mike had taken photos in Point Lobos the prior afternoon and gotten up early the next morning to check out Pacific Grove and Asilomar Beach. He was nearing Cannery Row when he saw these boats out of the corner of his eye. He quickly pulled over, got out and rejoiced to find that the parking meters hadn't started working yet. He grabbed his camera and headed down to the harbor: this is his pick out of several photos taken.

[Note: it's interesting to realize that located in the hills surrounding the Monterey Bay in the background is the Cal State Monterey Bay campus. But earlier . . . much earlier . . . it was the site of Fort Ord, where Mike had a pleasant time attending U.S. Army basic training in 1964. He remembers standing at the barracks window, staring out at the harbor . . . ]

Photo: Boats (Sunrise)—Monterey, 2010


Diane said...

Beautiful photo Mike!

Mike Mundy said...

Hey, thanks!

Made with the Nikon D90, dontcha know.

judit said...

Yes, really nice.

Say, any chance there could be a "folder" of past banners? I like the dimensions; I guess they add interest.

Mike Mundy said...

Of course, all the banners come from regular pix, only cropped. I'm always on the lookout for pix that have a suitable "blank" area for the mikereport sign.

Sometimes, not always, the banner pix gets posted full-size. For example, bottom photo here.

But you're right: once the banner is changed it vanishes into cyberspace . . . hmmmm.