Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mike’s Wheels

I’ve been scanning some of my older color film negatives using my Nikon "Supercoolscan" scanner. It actually seems to do a pretty good job on the color negs . . . not so well with B&W. (Of course, I have a lot more B&W negatives than I do color.)

I started using color negative film in 1997; I mainly used Kodacolor 100. (Tried using Kodacolor 200 but finally decided that it had too much grain.)

This shot was taken during a trip to Joshua Tree National Park in 1999 using a Minolta 7000i.

Photo: Mike’s Wheels—Twentynine Palms, 1999


judit said...

If it has your name, does it qualify as a self-portrait?

Mike Mundy said...

Alas, no.

But, as could be expected, the mikereport has a weakness for all things mike.