Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Met

Another entry in my New York series, focusing this time on the obligatory visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I liked the view of Central Park and the New York skyline from the roof, and the vast entry hall. (Is it called the "entry hall?")

Photos: Skyline, Central Park—New York, 2006; The Great Hall—New York, 2006


Diane said...

Sure looks like summer in the city. (just guessing) I can see the haze/humidity in the skyline that we always get this time of year. Ugh. Nice photo tho.

I believe it's called the "The Great Hall". see here towards the end of the article:

Mike Mundy said...

Actually, autumn. It had been raining so I guess it was high overcast.

See, I could have looked that Great Hall reference up myself, but easier to have someone else do it.

Diane said...

I'll have to start charging for my services.

Enjoyed the rainy autumn NYC pics. (especially the second one, nice reflections off the street.)