Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wind Incident

Stream, Ocean - Point Reyes  2017

Campsite, Jacket on Ground - Point Reyes  2017

I was looking right at it when it happened. I had arrived at the campground, set up the tent and taken a little rest. I was outside reading when a sudden gust of wind hit the campsite and inflated the tent like a wind sock, pulling it out of its stakes and flipping it up and over onto a extensive patch of blackberry, Queen Anne's Lace and poison oak. Jumping up I managed to grab the tent, lift it up and relocate it to more protected ground.

Then I saw that my jacket and clothes sack had been dumped out and were laying on top of the vegetation. Using my tripod I cautiously waded into the thicket and retrieved them.

It wasn't until after some time had passed that I remembered that my iPhone 6s Plus had also been in the tent. Yikes. A quick panic search revealed that unfortunately it was nowhere to be found. Alas, more extensive probing of the underbrush with the tripod was unsuccessful as well. How annoying!

Later that afternoon I ventured down to the beach but was driven back by the wind-blown sand. Not quite as bad as Death Valley, but still.

Looking for iPhone - Point Reyes  2017

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