Saturday, April 15, 2017

Monterey Gate

Gate - Monterey County  2017

Back in Monterey.

From the New York Times: Gregory Alpert, the location manager for “Big Little Lies,” said that many of the homes seen on the series were actually located in Southern California, where houses are more likely to be set directly on the beach. But he said that the atmosphere of Monterey matched the show’s mood perfectly.

“Its pretty magical, but it can be also treacherous, especially when that fog comes in,” Mr. Alpert said. “And I think that’s the underlying theme of the show, that in this otherwise idyllic setting there could be all this treachery that’s just under the surface.”

Exactly right.

After arriving at the Best Western motel on Munras Avenue, Mike's first thing to do is walk down Cass Street, the next street over: residential and the light is always good. This year he took a photo of this gate, just as he had done in 2013. Who knows what's behind it?

Gate - Monterey County  2013

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