Friday, September 16, 2016


Buster's - Bridgeport  2016

Mike stared in disbelief. Buster's, closed! It wasn't that long ago that Mike stopped here for a six-pack of Tecate!

OK, so it was eight years ago.

Rick E. of Sacramento has a nice essay on Yelp:

Since posting new signs on US Route 395 proclaiming a population of 843, Bridgeport is 69% more town than it used to be. But since last year's closure of Buster's Market, it's got at least 69% less fresh meat, produce, and sundries. And it's such a shame.

I have warm childhood memories of cruising up to the Buster's parking lot with my grandpa to check out the price specials advertised in black magic marker on giant sheets of butcher paper. My grandpa was an annual long-term (April-October) camper at Mono Village and regular user of the small store there, but when he needed more variety or a fairer price, he'd sail the Lincoln Towncar down to Buster's. And while it was still less variety and more expensive than a full-service grocer, the selection at Buster's was worthwhile enough to save the gasoline it'd take to motor down to Mammoth. In some ways, the variety was greater than a mainstream full-service market, such as when my grandpa introduced me to venison when it was advertised on a butcher-paper window special.

- Rick E. 2012

One of the best reviews I've read on Yelp! 

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