Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mom's Cafe

Mom's Cafe (Salina) - Utah  2016

Mom's Cafe (Salina) - Utah  1993

. . . in 2016 (top) and 1993 (bottom). Notice changes made in the lettering on the side.

It even comes with your typical contradictory Yelp reviews!

#1) I don't know what happened next, but it was all a food coma induced, taste bud blowing moment. The potato salad was indeed homemade and everything I knew it would be. My chicken fingers came with corn and real mashed potatoes with homemade gravy...and that scone. Now that scone isn't like the hard nasty pastry you get from Starbucks. This thing was made from scratch with love...lots of love and then fried ever so slightly to perfection. It could have been mixed with mashed potatoes and gravy or had blueberries put on it. So versatile! I know, because I had all of the above with [it].

#2) Mom's is an apt name, because the restaurant seemed to be populated entirely by shrieking children and crying babies. Judging from the other reviews, ordering the scone is the thing to do but, alas, sometimes you see the other reviews too late. The breakfast menu is about as limited and uninspired as a breakfast menu can be and the abandoned food on neighboring tables looked heavy and bland: limpid eggs, pyramids of barely-touched biscuits and gravy that had the color of volcanic ash and the consistency of a blood clot.

Someday I must actually go in and order a scone.

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