Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yosemite Fritos & Beer

Fritos & Beer - Yosemite  2015

As I neared Tioga Pass I realized that it was lunchtime. I had bought a sandwich at the Subway in Oakdale.

Per a Yelp review: I love the food here but the costumer service  needs to be improved. I came here around 9:30ish this morning, mind you I pre ordered my sandwiches, and all I got, over the phone and in person, was sass and attitude. Not only did the lady get one of my orders wrong and then give me attitude when I notified her about it, but she also didn't greet us or have a friendly face.

I have to say that I didn't find any sass or attitude at all. Not only did the comely serviceperson create an exquisite sandwich, but we were also able to have a (short) discussion about my trip (smoke concerns, etc.), wherein she informed me that there is now a Subway location on the way to Yosemite in Groveland. No sass! No attitude!

I found a spot just off the highway where I could park the truck, get out a stool to sit on, and voila!: Fritos & Beer. Plus smoke and a cold little breeze. (How very similar this photo is to last year's shot.)

Bonus photo: Mt. Dana through the smoke:

Mt. Dana, Smoke - Yosemite  2015

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