Sunday, March 8, 2015

Andy Goldsworthy in Marin County?

Egg Sculpture - Marin County  2014

Metal Tree Sculpture - Marin County  2014

Very interesting. One drives to the end of the road, then hikes onto private property (which all the neighbors do and is condoned by the property owner.) Then a steep descent, then a steep rise to a bridge over a culvert.

But there's a little side path leading down so that one can peer into the culvert tunnel. And there it is. Quite the achievement! (Fellow hikers have attributed the egg sculpture to Andy Goldsworthy. That seems likely. This was in December . . . very muddy but, alas, no water coming through the culvert.)

Also, a metal tree sculpture as well. (Artist unknown.) Wow!

[ UPDATE: July 13, 2017: I've had a few requests since I posted this for specific directions. Alas, I don't have them! Remember, this was a few years ago, and we were just following someone else's directions. I don't have anything more detailed than the following: Start at the top of Oak Manor Drive in Fairfax. The hike proceeds north from there, not on the fire road going to the west. That, and the information in the original post, is about all I remember, unfortunately. Perhaps local hikers could provide more info (?)

BTW, a more accessible piece by Mr. Goldsworthy can be found in San Francisco.]

Side Path - Marin County 2014


judit said...

Wow! is right! And so amazing that you found them.

Happy hiking!

Mike Mundy said...


I was hoping that I'd get a photo with some rain water, but no.