Friday, December 12, 2014

50 Years Ago Today #2

Barracks Cleanliness (Okinawa) - Japan  1964

Who among us can say, with any certainty, exactly what they were doing on this date 50 years ago?

Well, maybe some can. You've probably been able to guess that Mike can, anyway.

Yes, 50 years ago today (that is, Saturday, December 12, 1964) Mike had observed this notice posted on the barracks bulletin board, retrieved his camera and snapped this pix for posterity. (Click for larger view.)

Apparently the area assigned the 4th Platoon (located near Naha, Okinawa) was a real PIG STY (capitalized and underlined) with a number of troops having dirty butt plates. And below, what had particularly caught his attention, was the ominous message: "Pfc Mundy - Not prepared. (See me 14 Dec 64)."

The interesting thing is that - try as hard as he can - Mike simply can't remember what transpired during that fateful clarification session on the following Monday. But he expects that he, Mike Military, and Staff Sergeant Clark came to an agreeable meeting of the minds and that all was well thereafter.

(Of note: the larger organization of which the 4th Platoon was a tiny fragment was the US Army, Ryukyu Islands, otherwise known as USARYIS, sometimes pronounced "You Sorry Ass.")

Also, please recall Mike's Fort Ord 50-year post.

[Update: Sorry for the photo quality. We're talking about a 50 year old negative here.]

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