Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Backpack Trailhead

Sunrise - Sierra Nevada  2014

Truck, Backpack, Backpacker - Sierra Nevada  2014

Mike stayed at a motel overnight in order to get up early enough to be able to drive his truck down to the Devil's Postpile trailhead (after 7:00 AM no personal vehicles allowed: you're required to take a shuttle bus). On the way: a very nice sunrise. Also the realization that he had forgotten to take his aluminum hiking pole.

Then the trailhead parking lot. Mike was somewhat surprised to find only a few cars parked there; he had expected that there would be some crowding, but no. Another backpacker was there performing much the same chores as Mike: nice light running shoes exchanged for heavy hiking boots, hydration unit clipped to the side of the pack, sandals velcro'd on the back . . . and more.

Finally the pack is set upright on the truck tailgate, put onto shoulders, the waist belt is tightened and the walk commences.

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