Sunday, August 24, 2014


Jocko's Steak - Nipomo  2014

Jocko's Barbeque - Nipomo  2014

Jocko's in Nipomo. This is probably the third time we've eaten here, I'd guess. Oh right . . . I stopped here once for lunch on the way back to Marin from Los Angeles . . . but that doesn't count since they aren't barbecuing at lunch time.

Very thick ribeye steaks, barbecued over flaming hardwood. The chef uses a "pigtail" flipper to turn the meat; he also uses it to test for doneness. Results are excellent.


Something I just found out: Dorothea Lange's famous Depression-era photo, "Migrant Mother," was taken in Nipomo. Very interesting!

Jockos Exterior - Nipomo  2014

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