Tuesday, March 4, 2014

. . . from the archives #80: Aspens, Snow & Creek, Yosemite 1992

Aspens, Snow & Creek - Yosemite  1992

Scanned from a 4x5 negative. I'm not sure of the exact location of the photo, but I'm pretty sure that I took it in Yosemite.

I had just purchased a Toyo-Field 4x5 camera in January, 1992 ($1347.71 from Adolph Gasser in San Francisco), so this represents one of my first efforts with the camera. What's interesting is that I never attempted to make a print from the negative, as far as I can recall, the reason being that there were minor imperfections in the trees, as well as the contrast within the negative was too great for effective printing. Luckily we now have Photoshop.

A similar camera (updated, of course) now sells for over $2500 at B&H, but most of the increase is due to inflation.

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