Friday, October 11, 2013

Minaret Falls Campground

Campground - Sierra Nevada  2013

Campfire, Self-Portrait - Sierra Nevada  2013

One of Mike's favorites . . . he first camped here in 1960. Several choices available, since it was getting towards the end of the season. He picked a nice secluded spot at the base of a hill to pitch his aging Coleman tent.

Also, the bear box was quite roomy.


pat said...

Did you get to travel on the snuffy smith trail ? What memories .......

Mike Mundy said...

Alas, this time I did not hike the Snuffy Smith Trail (the fishermen's trail between Minaret Falls Campground and Devils Postpile).

Marge Mundy called it the Snuffy Smith Trail because it reminded her of the trails in the town of Hootin' Holler in the Snuffy Smith comic strip.