Tuesday, February 5, 2013

North (Eureka)

North, Eureka - Marin County  2012

After moving to Marin County I was pleasantly surprised to find that the freeway onramp signs showed Eureka as the northern destination. When I lived in Los Angeles Eureka represented the end of the world to me, and, in fact, Eureka is far to the north. I suppose that if the signs were put up today they'd show Santa Rosa instead of Eureka.


Carl said...

I'm a sucker for good town names as well. Last June as I worked my way north for the drive-in theaters I really looked forward to doing an "off topic" walkabout in Eureka, and in fact got half a dozen shots for the blog. A town called Bloomfield or Madison or Springfield might be loaded with picture opportunities, but they don't draw us in by name alone.

Mike Mundy said...

The California State Motto is Eureka!

So there are a number of Eurekas. Also not to be forgotten is the Eureka Valley Road just outside of Death Valley.