Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Point (vertical) - Utah  2012

Bryce Point (merge) - Utah  2012

Based on some pre-trip research, Mike had decided to head straight for Bryce Point, "famous for its extraordinary sunrises." The park entrance station wasn't open yet, so no delay there. Then, whizzing along, monitoring the various signs, until finally a left turn onto the road to Bryce Point.

Admittedly, the sunrise did look great. And finally, some nice clouds!

Of course, there were 10 or so photographers already there with their hefty Nikons and Canons and their bulky tripods. Mike had to sneak into their midst with his teeny Olympus.

By the time he left two tour buses had pulled into the parking lot with a third waiting impatiently, and the viewpoint was suddenly getting crowded.

NPS: Bryce Point.

Bryce Point - Utah  2012

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