Thursday, October 25, 2012


Bellagio (Las Vegas) - Nevada  2012

"One night last May, some twenty financiers and politicians met for dinner in the Tuscany private dining room at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. . . . The richest man in the room was Leon Cooperman, a Bronx-born, sixty-nine-year-old billionaire. . . .  in an interview and in a speech, [Cooperman] has gone so far as to draw a parallel between Obama’s election and the rise of the Third Reich."

“Super-Rich Irony” by Chrystia Freeland - The New Yorker

Mike had intended to stay overnight in Las Vegas, but realized that he could bypass it and head directly into Utah. So all he saw of Vegas this time was glimpses from the freeway, including this fleeting look at the Bellagio.

So that’s what goes on at the Bellagio! But wait! Didn’t Mike stay there once, back in the 90’s?

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