Saturday, September 1, 2012


Terrapin Crossroads Sign - San Rafael  2012

Terrapin Crossroads, gang!

. . . and let's not forget the Philzone!


judit said...

Such a great sight to open my day to! I did say, "Wow!" Be there in about 5 weeks.

Did you drive into the parking lot and look across an empty lot to see the graffiti that says, "Buckle up kids" surrounding a GD-style skull on an the side of an old warehouse? Good motto for daily life, really, "Buckle up kids."

And the link to the Philzone is fun, too. Mike, you're cool.

Mike Mundy said...

Actually, I saw the sign as I was walking to the gym after dropping my car off at Japan Auto.

So I didn't go into the parking lot, which now I will have to do.

And let us not forget this terrapin anecdote.

judit said...

I also like the date and time you posted your response:

September 1, 20 *12 3:45* PM

Nice sequence.

Mike Mundy said...

I'll have to try and do something similar on October 11th.

Maybe not.

judit said...

I'll be somewhere near Terrapin Station on October 11th. Maybe I can watch you post, if you're around, too.

And maybe we'll go to Terrapin Station.