Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Carmel Valley Road

Starting in the foothills, gradually climbing upwards to very nice views of a quintessential chaparral and oak California landscape.

Photos: Hills & Clouds─Monterey County, 2011; Farm Building─Monterey County, 2011


cj gordon said...

The new layout is nice.

Mike Mundy said...


I've noticed, though, that even though the blog pix are larger they still benefit by "clicking to enlarge."


cj gordon said...

My wife tells me that if you post the pics at a larger size than you are now when people click on them they will come up at the original size. I just use the old template and host them externally.Gives me more freedom than Blogger and all I really lose is the Followers feature so I just put a link in instead.

Mike Mundy said...

Well, I see that Blogger is having another seizure. Luckily I can access it through IE (don't know for how long.) It makes you wonder.

"I just use the old template and host them externally." I will have to schedule some research time to find out exactly what this means.