Thursday, February 10, 2011

Olives Marin No. 2

In early February the smaller, riper olives were deemed to have most of the bitterness removed and were placed into a vinegar marinade. We used an old Central Grocery olive salad jar for the job.

They're actually quite good! The difficulty is that the whole brining process, although not particularly hard, is certainly long and drawn-out. The larger olives are still brining after three full months! Yikes! This might call for a different strategy.

Photo: Olives Marinating─Marin County, 2011


judit said...

You talk about a different strategy, but you said the taste was really good. How can you improve perfection?

Mike Mundy said...

The main issue is: first batch versus second batch.

The first batch (the good batch, subject of today's pix) was made up of smaller, riper olives.

Second batch (still brining in the garage) consists of larger and not-so-ripe olives and is taking forever to brine: still quite bitter. (The process involves brining in a salt water solution until the bitterness is gone, then storing in a marinade in the refrigerator.)

Different strategy: Maybe they should have been left on the tree a little bit longer.


judit said...

Oh. I see.