Thursday, June 3, 2010

Death Valley Hills

The hills in back of the Texas Springs Campground are curiously spongy and friable. One sinks into the crumbly soil at each step, but when looking back there are no footprints.

Curious, as I said.

A 1992 photo here.

Photos: Hills 1—Death Valley, 2010; Hills 2—Death Valley, 2010


Pat said...

I am really loving all your Death Valley photos - old & new Tiz great!

Pat said...

Also congrats on 900th posting & do you know what was happening when the boys arrived?

Mike Mundy said...


After having to hit the "play" button multiple times (for video purposes) & having to listen to the story over & over again, and then hearing it over & over again as I was putting my exquisite video together for uploading to Vimeo, I think that I can say that at long last I'm truly sick of the boys.