Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Having Fun

Having Fun from Mike Mundy on Vimeo.


Pat said...

please explain this - P

Mike Mundy said...

Coming back from SF I missed the 1:25 ferry, & since the next one doesn't come until 3:00 I had some time to kill. Wandered over to the Justin Herman Plaza (across the street from the Ferry Building), where they had set up this, um, "ride." I think it was some kind of promotion for an "outdoors" company, but don't really know. Big line to get on.

Mike Mundy said...

More info from Arnie:

Regarding [Mike's] blog, the "zip line" he photographed at Justin Herman Plaza is now gone. It was a promo for British Columbia and the "ride" was free. Unfortunately (we asked about it going to a Giants' game) although it operated from 10AM to 4PM, you had to line up at 7AM to get a wristband for a time slot later in the day. We weren't willing to spend 3 hours for a 30-second "thrill." Anyway, although Patti might have enjoyed it, I would have been terrified.